America's Scenic Byways

Royal Footsteps Along the Kona Coast

7.2 miles - Take 15 minutes to drive the byway.

Trace the paths of seven centuries of Hawaiian Royalty and tradition along seven miles of the Big Island of Hawaii on Alii Drive: Royal Footsteps Along the Kona Coast. The byway is filled with archaeological treasures from Hawaii's past prior to contact with Western culture. Other historical sites reflect the area's transformation during the last seven centuries.

Visit one of the last remaining 'heiau' (an ancient Hawaiian temple), a royal palace, and the oldest Christian church in Hawaii. Watch the sunset over the ocean from one of the beaches. Stroll onto the ocean piers along the seawalls and watch for sea turtles, tropical fish, birds and other wildlife. Shop for fresh fruit and vegetables, trinkets, and treasures; or stop for a meal at the restaurants, markets, and roadside stands.

Enjoy Hawaii's present and delve into its past at one of the 25 sites of archaeological, historic or cultural significance that are "not to be missed" along the Kona Coast on the Big Island of Hawaii.