America's Scenic Byways

Welcome to - an open source initiative to restore to the public content of the discontinued website. was a website established to promote a collection of 150 byways designated by the US Secretary of Transportation. But it was doing much more than that - it presented comprehensive information about over 850 scenic roads in US complete with photos, maps, sample trips and attractions along the way. The information invaluable to the traveling public.

And suddenly, without any specific public announcement it closed in the end of September 2013 as part of adoption of the 2012 transportation bill that failed to provide funding for National Scenic Byway Program or a graceful way to shut its resources down. Partial information on the 150 America's Byways® is available at Federal Highway Administration but the central repository of information on non federally designated scenic roads is gone. The information might sill be somewhere, scattered over multitude of websites, much harder to be of use to travelers.

We, the developers of Furkot (a trip planner web application), decided to restore the content of to public domain. We took the raw data that we downloaded prior to closure that we meant to use in Furkot and we created this website as an open source project that everybody can contribute to at github.

We don't have all the information that used to be available at but we'll do our best to find and add it to

There are many ways you can help us. If you have access to information about byways that used to be on please share it with us. If you like to code, contribute to byways project at github. And if you have an idea what we can add to to make it a better trip resource, just email us.

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