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Mamalahoa Kona Heritage Corridor

10 miles -

Mamalahoa Kona Heritage Corridor is located along Route 180, Old Mamalahoa Highway, between Palani Junction to the north and Honalo Junction to the south on the Big Island of Hawaii. In ancient days, this route was a footpath encircling Hawaii Island and was used by native Hawaiians. Through its many historical buildings, coffee farms, and art galleries, the byway tells the story of the historic and cultural layers that have contributed to Kona's development.

The road itself is a curvy two-lane road on the slopes of Hualalai Mountain. At an altitude of approximately 1,200-1,400 feet above sea level, it provides a close up view of 5,000 to 10,000-year- old lava outcrops, hand-built rock walls, indigenous flora and a rich tapestry of cultural influences.