America's Scenic Byways

Colonial Trails Scenic Byway

300 miles - Two days to enjoy the byway.

From the country's formative years of 1698 to 1850, settlers blazed the winding trails that created the frontier. Their search for a better life was what founded Louisiana's farms, plantations and towns, and the Colonial Trails Scenic Byway will have you tracing our forefather's footsteps.

Journey through the Kisatchie National Forest and Cajun prairie land and stop in historic towns such as Vidalia, where Hernando de Soto died, or visit the home of the Tunica-Biloxi Indian Tribe in Marksville. A must stop is Natchitoches, the oldest city in Louisiana. Traveling through the heart of Louisiana, you'll experience the state's remarkable colonial heritage and scenic beauty that gave rise to a rich culture.

Embracing more than 100 historic sites and points of interest, the Colonial Trails Scenic Byway is steeped in legend, natural beauty, colonial heritage and Civil War remembrances.