America's Scenic Byways

Great and Breakneck Hill Roads

1.4 miles -

Breakneck Hill Road, as one might guess from its name, is a stretch of curvy highway north of Providence. However, the scenery along the short stretch makes braving the sharp curves well worth it.

Breakneck Hill Road (Route 123) and Great Road in Lincoln stretch approximately 1.4 miles from route 146 in the West to Manchester Print Works Road in the East. The byway is part of the path across the Moshassuck River Valley. In the distance can be seen towering Sycamores amidst the open fields, and fir trees planted atop rolling hills.

Great Road is noteworthy as one of the earliest colonial roads, dating back to 1683. Portions of the Great Road are listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Historic buildings can also be seen along the road.