America's Scenic Byways

Lincoln Heritage Scenic Highway

71.2 miles - Approximately three hours

The Lincoln Heritage Scenic Highway travels through six communities as it winds its way through the knobs of Kentucky. This corridor exhibits significant historic and cultural resources around every turn. It embraces a set of four strong aspects: Abraham Lincoln, US History and the Civil War, Bourbon Heritage, and Religious Heritage.

A great portrayal of American history and culture can be experienced along the Lincoln Heritage Scenic Highway. Abraham Lincoln was born and raised near Hodgenville. When Lincoln was elected president and the Civil War began, Kentucky was one of the essential border states and the Lincoln Heritage Scenic Highway played a significant role in the outcome of the Civil War.

Religion is also important along the byway. The Abbey of Our Lady of Gethsemani is America’s oldest Trappist Monastery and manifests the prominence of religion along the corridor.

Bourbon also plays a prominent role in byway history. The Bourbon Trail and its eight bourbon distilleries pass through the Lincoln Heritage Highway. Bourbon is known as America’s official spirit and has a rich history and proud tradition along the corridor. The Bourbon Trail is a unique destination that entices visitors from around the globe.

The Lincoln Heritage Scenic Highway represents an escape from the ordinary, a true symbolism of the adventure of the open road, and a snapshot of early American life.