America's Scenic Byways

Mount Baker Highway (Route 542)

57 miles - 2 hours at minimum.

Although this byway is a relatively short 57 miles, the attractions and scenery found along the Mount Baker Highway are worthy of extra time taken out of the car absorbing the atmosphere. Mount Baker Highway begins just west of Bellingham and winds up to spectacular Artist Point, the end of the highway. The highway is home to whatever visitors are searching for from solitude and beauty, to fun and recreation, to the dazzling experience of all that Mount Baker has to offer. Unlike many byways, this road does not lead to another location or area. It’s a destination unto itself and an adventure all along the way.

This drive has much to soothe and excite traveler’s eyes all at once. Nooksack River travels alongside much of the byway. Its clear, swift waters create one of the most majestic views at the thundering Nooksack Falls. Towering trees crowd along the byway harboring shady glades for the perfect picnic area. The culmination of the byway offers the tremendous experience of gazing up at the sparkling light as it plays upon the glacier-encased slopes of Mount Baker.

Driving along the byway and stopping to visit the many sites along the way is a never-ending adventure. The Mount Baker Highway is the only road to Mount Baker and its surrounding beauty. Visitors can spend a day exploring the national forest the highway travels through, or camp for weekend in one of the charming campgrounds. Hiking and skiing are two favorite pastimes depending on the season travelers arrive. Explore the wild landscape and step back in time.