America's Scenic Byways

Historic Hills Scenic Byway

105 miles - A little over 2 hours

Previously known as Woodlands Scenic Byway, the Historic Hills Scenic Byway is a magnificent collection of state forests in southeast Iowa. Wind through deep, luscious forests of hickory, oaks, and evergreens while enjoying the scenic beauty of Huckleberry Finn-style farm ponds.

Trace history by following the westward trek of early Mormon pioneers, or see a bit of living history near the old town of Bloomfield, where Old Order Amish still travel by horse and buggy. Stop in one of the Amish shops and enjoy the taste of home made baked goods, or experience the immaculate details of a hand made quilt.

The historic Villages of Van Buren steamboat ports of call on the Des Moines River is also a must see for anyone interested in river lore.