America's Scenic Byways

River Bluffs Scenic Byway

109 miles -

Feeling loopy? The River Bluffs Scenic Byway lets you end where you begin. This "loop tour" is its own destination. View breathtaking bluffs, wooded hill tops, and the roller-coaster roads of northeast Iowa. Watch eagles as they soar free over the green pastures or explore a secluded cave by a hillside country stream.

Walk where prehistoric Native American peoples walked and discover their strange mounds in the form of birds and bears that dot along the byway. Although this land is now known as "Little Switzerland" by the local townspeople, ancient artifacts from arrowheads to pottery are still discovered in and around the area.

Examine the homes and buildings of the surrounding communities and notice the unique use of limestone in the structures. Visit the shops and browse for antiques inside these quaint countryside towns. Or continue the adventure, hook-up with the Great River Road, and follow the legendary Mississippi River on this quintessential journey through America's heartland.