America's Scenic Byways

San Bernardo Scenic Byway

29 miles - Allow about three hours, stopping along the way.

Located just 18 miles Southeast of downtown New Orleans, St. Bernard Parish is a delightful extension. The San Bernardo Scenic Byway on Louisiana's Hwy. 46 traverses the area, which is rich in history and cultural diversity. St. Bernard was founded in 1780 by colonists from the Canary Islands, known as "Islenos," meaning "Island People." Their descendants abound in the parish today. Visitors can learn about their archaic Spanish language, which was established in Louisiana during the Colonial Period, at the Islenos Museum.

Meandering along the lower section of La. 46, visitors will come to the fishing villages of Yscloskey and Delacroix Island, where charter fishing and the seafood industry are still the community's main business. For those interested in the history of war, an awesome sight is in Chalmette National Historic Park. The Battle of New Orleans (War of 1812) was a military engagement that determined the destiny of the U.S. In addition to history, the visitors will also find wonderful restaurants, friendly people, great fishing, and other activities at St. Bernard Parish.