America's Scenic Byways

River Road Scenic Byway

216.1 miles - Allow at least four hours to drive the byway.

Part of the Great River Road, Hwy. 65 follows the Mississippi River through countryside that offers sights typical of Louisiana's Delta region--from past to present. The route starts in an area highly developed by the petroleum and chemical industries that play such a large role in modern Louisiana's economy. As the road follows the Mississippi River downstream, you will encounter examples of river commerce, such as shipyards and the lock at Plaquemine. You may view them from the lockhouse museum and observation tower.

The road passes through a few small towns, remnants of a once-thriving area along the Mississippi River. Except for the river levees, the sparsely wooded terrain is flat. Visitors can also appreciate the historic quality of Louisiana's rural communities and the hustle-and-bustle of cities such as New Orleans.