America's Scenic Byways

Bienville Trace Scenic Byway

450 miles - Allow at least 2 days.

Follow the Bienville Trace Scenic Byway to fascinating places like the Germantown Museum in Minden, the Bernice Depot Museum in Bernice or the Caddo-Pine Island Museum in Oil City. Explore Louisiana's northeastern Parishes of Monroe-West, Monroe, Claiborne, Madison, Grant, and Franklin. The byway offers a taste of Louisiana history, art, entertainment, food, and family fun. Interesting old public buildings and postcard-perfect villages along the way like Columbia, Winnsboro, Lake Providence and St. Joseph define the term "charming."

Get a taste of archaeology at Poverty Point State Commemorative Area, a major archaeological site where produces from the Upper Mississippi Valley, the Great Lakes, the Ouachita River, and the Ozark and Appalachian Mountains were imported and distributed among Native American Tribes.

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