America's Scenic Byways

Cascade Loop

440 miles - 1 day at a minimum; 2-4 days if leisurely savored.

The Cascade Loop is a thrilling ride through the heart of Washington State. Visitors will see some of Washington's most beautiful countryside and interesting areas. The loop is 440 miles long encompassing magical cityscapes and spectacular landscapes, chilly alpine lakes and rushing rivers, islands and towering peaks.


The byway travels through areas as diverse as they are magnificent: the salty waters of the Puget Sound, the verdant foothills of Cascade Mountains' western slope, the peaks of the North Cascades National Park enclosed in glaciers, and the sun-drenched expanse of the Columbia River Valley.


The loop is as recreational as it is scenic. It houses millions of miles of hiking and biking trails, ski hills and cross-country trails dusted with fresh powder, and shimmering blue lakes and rivers that summon rafters, boaters, and fishermen. Communities line the loop urging visitors to stop and relax at a quaint restaurant or search for a treasure in an old antique shop.