America's Scenic Byways

Turtle Mountain Scenic Byway

53 miles -

America’s prairies and plains reflect a defining character of the America’s landscape. Come to the Turtle Mountain Scenic Byway, and discover a singular part of American heritage.

As you traverse the Turtle Mountains, you'll experience constantly engaging displays of the outdoors. The Turtle Mountains are not like anywhere else-- they are singular, incomparable. Come witness the unexpected concurrence of dead-ice moraine, glacial till, prairie grasslands, deep lakes and shallow potholes, boreal forests and their inhabitants.

Traveling the byway, you will experience solitude and an unfiltered connection to the natural world. Perched atop one of the most rural states in the union, the byway is far removed from American population. Enter a pristine landscape barely touched by the technological age-- a rare experience in our country. Catch a glimpse of the American frontier and experience the vast northern Great Plains, untouched by the plow.

Rich in history, the Turtle Mountains are also a stage upon which human drama continues to play. From the original Native Americans to the French trappers, from the earliest European settlers to the energy prospectors of today, this is a land where humans have always negotiated an uneasy truce with the elements.

To experience the fascinating breadth of the American landscape and the extent of the American experience, travel the Turtle Mountain Scenic Byway-- an essential chapter in the American story.