America's Scenic Byways

Old King's Highway (Route 6A)

34 miles -

Travelers on Old King's Highway, Route 6A can see hundreds of historic sites. These range from sea captain houses, to pilgrim churches, to other historic buildings. Other points of interest include cranberry bogs, salt marshes, and preserved farmlands. The local citizens have made great efforts to ensure that this area is clean and well preserved. Visitors will find many newly painted houses and yards with flowers and professional landscaping.

The present day byway was once an Indian trade route, traveled on for thousands of years. When the pilgrims arrived, they used it for their carts and wagons, which widened the path. With the emergence of cars in the early 19 hundreds, the trail changed again and is now accommodated for motorized vehicles. This byway is also well suited for bicyclists. It often follows along the coast and passes through 7 Cape towns. Come here to drive, bike, or walk one of the largest historic districts in the nation.