America's Scenic Byways

Millbridge Scenic Byway

14 miles - 25 minutes

Driving the Millbridge Scenic Byway is experiencing rural North Carolina as it reveals history and stories from an earlier time. This byway exhibits many historic buildings from the early 1800s and preserves the simple way of life that is characteristic of the country.

Country life is manifested in the pick-your-own fruit orchards that can be found along part of the byway and the Piedmont Agricultural Research Station. Throughout the fields and orchards, little communities surface bearing their own pieces of history. The community of Millbridge features a unique collection of buildings and stores.

Nearby, in the city of Salisbury, visitors will find streets of Civil War History. On a side trip to the Lazy Five Ranch, travelers will drive through an animal park where they will spot zebras, ostriches, antelope, bison, and reindeer. Kerr Mill at Sloan Park features an 1823 mill with a working waterwheel. So enjoy scenic farmland and tidbits of history along the Millbridge Scenic Byway.