America's Scenic Byways

Brunswick Town Road

3 miles - 10 minutes

Take a short drive along North Carolina's coastal area to the historic town of Brunswick. The town was left in ruins in 1830 and is now an archealogical site. Travelers with an interest in history will be delighted in the stories of the area. The byway is on North Carolina's coast and offers a view of the ocean and beaches of the area.

In addition to the historic Brunswick Town, the byway also passes Orton Plantation. The plantation was built in 1725 and features the man-made Orton Pond. Sunbathing alligators find the area appealing as well.

Travelers may be content to spend their time exploring areas of the byway, but if that isn't the case, there are plenty of places worth stopping at along the Cape Fear River. There's something for everyone along the Brunswick Town Road.