America's Scenic Byways

Nantahala Byway

43 miles - 1.5 hours.

"Land of the Midday Sun"

Embedded in the Nanatahala National Forest are 43 miles that make up the Nantahala Scenic Byway. This byway is named for Nantahala Gorge, and passes through 20 miles of it.

As a world-class white water rafting spot, Nantahala Gorge attracts visitors year-round. Canoeing and Kayaking enthusiasts find the Nantahala River a perfect place for an intense ride. Towards the southern end of the gorge, visitors can enjoy calmer waters.

Sprinkled with resorts and small communities, there is something for everyone along the Nantahala Scenic Byway. Travelers can explore the gorge itself and areas of interest that may include the Great Smokey Mountain National Park, Fontana Lake, and the Cherokee Indian Reservation. The Nantahala Scenic Byway holds a myriad of possibilities for visitors to North Carolina's western tip.