America's Scenic Byways

High Peaks Scenic Byway (NYS Route 73)

48 miles - 45 minutes

New York State Route 73 is a unique treasure of incalculable value to the people of New York State and the Nation. It is the main gateway to the internationally famous six million acre Adirondack Park- the largest publicly protected area in the contiguous United States. The Adirondack Park, larger than Yellowstone, Everglades, Glacier, and the Grand Canyon National Parks combined, contains 85% of all the wilderness in the Eastern United States.

Route 73 winds through the spectacular High Peaks Region of the Adirondack Park, an area of over 40 mountain peaks more than 4,000 feet in elevation and home to one of the richest and most diverse mix of natural, cultural, scenic, historic, recreational and archaeological resources found anywhere in the Nation. For much of its 30 mile length, it carries more than four million travelers annually through spectacular mountain passes and river valleys, verdant forests, hamlets with long and proud pasts. Unsurpassed and boundless recreational access points to the mountain of the High Peaks for hiking, boating, canoeing, biking, rock climbing, fishing, sightseeing, cross country skiing, among others. For still others, it's the site of world class and Olympic trial luge, bobsled, biathlon, ski jumping, canoe and kayak competitions. Route 73 is truly unique in the Nation in the mix, use, vitality and specialty of its intrinsic qualities.