America's Scenic Byways

Great River Road - Missouri

214.8 miles - Allow five to six hours depending on traffic in St. Louis.

The mighty Mississippi was the lifeblood of many Missouri towns for over a century. The Missouri Great River Road is a route with stories to tell and a history to preserve. The history of the Civil War and Manifest Destiny are just two of the great American stories that the byway has to tell.

As the man who characterized the golden age of the Mississippi River, Mark Twain left a legacy of sites behind on the Missouri Great River Road. His hometown of Hannibal, as well as many other buildings, museums, and wildlife refuges, honor the memory of this favorite American author.

The Missouri Great River Road tells the story of the people who came to the Mississippi when it was still a frontier. It also tells the story of people who lived here before the United States became a nation. Drive the Great River Road and discover the amazing stories it has in store for you.