America's Scenic Byways

Oregon Trail-Bear Lake Scenic Byway

111.3 miles - Allow 2.5 hours

The Oregon Trail
Take a closer look at one of the Nation's most historic pathways while traveling the byway. The Oregon Trail passed through this area and the pioneers who traveled it sometimes decided to stop here for good. It seems that the area could not have changed much since the first settlers arrived as drivers pass small communities and wheat fields that lead up to the foot of the mountains.
Bear Lake

The southern end of the Oregon Trail-Bear Lake Scenic Byway winds its way along the turquoise-blue waters of Bear Lake the gem of Southeast Idaho. Bear Lake straddles the Idaho-Utah border and boasts sandy beaches, great water sports, fishing, boating, and the famous Bear Lake State Park. The Lake has been a popular recreation area for generations.

Places Along the Way
Along the drive, visitors will pass many historic towns, some nearly forgotten. Nevertheless, the buildings erected by the earliest settlers of this territory still stand as a monument to the culture of an expanding country. Architecture from a different age can be found in buildings throughout the byway. Often, travelers will find displays that retell the stories of sites and the people who made them signficant.