America's Scenic Byways

Colonial Heritage Byway

92 miles - 2.5 hours

For a taste of North Carolina's history, the Colonial Heritage Byway offers several points of interest for travelers. Architecture from the 18th and 19th centuries is abundant throughout the communities that dot the path of this byway. Many of the historic buildings are still being used today as courthouses and general stores.

Although the byway begins and ends with urban centers of North Carolina, the route will take travelers through the winding roads of rural North Carolina farmland. Visitors will find stories of the first settlers to the area as well as the historical figures who inhabited the area.

The byway includes the community of Hillsborough where public tours of the district are offered. Near Hillsborough are many sites of interest that include Eno State Park, Falls Lake State Recreation Area, Orange County Historical Museum, and Duke University Chapel. The past then meets the future in Durham, one of North Carolina's largest cities.